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About Nida Slim Clinique & Laser Institute :

Nida Slim center was founded on the ideas and visions of Dr. Sunida Yothin, various dermatologists and specialists in the field. The center was founded on the principles of the American Board of the Aesthetics Medicine, which is a governing body that overseas standards and ethics in the medical industry. You too can be part of the physical magic that takes place that the Nida Skin & Cosmetic Institute at Siam Square Soi 9, for only B4,900 (Valued at B22,500).

No.1 in AsiaNida Slim Clinique & Laser Institute,BKK,Thailand.“ No. 1 in Asia ” Slim Melt : Slim Lipo

Dr Piya Rungruksiriworn  and Patrick Yue are world class doctors and pioneers in the field, both having done extensive work at the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery, USA. The program of treatment, and the technology to do so, are amongst the most pioneering in their field. The world-class ideas and techniques are amongst the first seen in Asia. Choose from an extensive array of face & body surgery, sex reassignment surgery, laser fraxel and yellow beam treatments.



Steps are as followed:

Private consultation 

Body measurement 

Change into appropriate outfit provided by clinic

Rest on the couch and let the smooth SHAPES process, The session lasts between 45-60 mins. 


*** This promotion is classed as plastic surgery, treatment depends on the analysis of the doctor.

Nida Slim Clinique and Laster institute has been certified to international stands and repeatedly tested by both in-house and outside experts. The focus is on medical lasers and technology which is by far some of the most advanced in Southeast Asia. Waist, hips and thighs in particular can be targeted and reduced with medical grade lasers and other equipment. Rough surfaces and scaring will be non existent thanks to the latest techniques. With our unique “Slim Smooth Program”, you can have four times the the elimination of cellulite without any damaging side effects. So what's stopping you from reaching your new, slimmer, more confident self this summer? Swing by Nida Slim Clinque, you're summer slim shop!

Noble Remix Building (BTS Thonglor Skywalk) Sukhumvit 36, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
For reservations, please contact
Tel: +66 (0) 2-252-2121 , 
Fax : +66(0)2-160-6170 , 
E-mail : info@nidaskincosmatic.com


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Im 51 years old, 165 cm tall and weighing 70kg. I am interested in slim lipo or body tite lipo.
please let me know if you do this

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I am a 54 years old lady, 5 feet tall , weiging 70 KG. Please advise if you have ZERONA treatment for slimming.
My email : gdil@dfnbd.net

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